World Hosin-Hapkido Federation

Art of Self-Defense

Certifications and Rank Awarding Program 

Dear Fellow Martial artists:

           As you are aware, with its increase popularity over the last decades, the martial arts business has become extremely competitive. Often there are many talented instructors in a single city. The novice seeking out a school for the first time in often confused and uncertain about the quality of instruction he or she will receive at a martial arts school.

Unfortunately organizations such as the World Taekwondo Federation and others have standard of excellence that must be met in order for their instructors to receive certification. Therefore, if a prospective student becomes aware of the governing bodies for Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, Hapkido, Kungfu, etc., he or she seek out certified instructors and have a reasonable expectation of their quality.

           A great many people begin a study of the martial arts for the purpose of self-defense. Prospective students may legitimately wonder which martial arts would be the best for them for this purpose. They may notice a certification on the wall of the martial arts office, but how are they assured that means the instructor is qualified to teach SELF-DEFENSE?

We all know that almost any of the martial arts can be effective for purposes of self-defense is NOT NECESSARILY a result of martial arts training. In order to truly understand self-defense the martial arts practitioner must spend sometime in its study.

The problem with the SELF-DEFENSE instruction business, unlike that of the MARTIAL ARTS instruction business, is that there has not been a recognized certification body for self-defense instruction. That is until now.

          United States Martial Arts Institute (USMAI), founded by one of the pioneers of martial arts in the United States, Dr. Daeshik Kim, announced reorganization of the International Socierty of HOSINSUL (the name has been changed to the World Hosin-Hapkido Federation), the first official certification body for SELF-DEFENSE.

The Federation will issue certifications for qualification of Instructor and Master, and martial arts ranks as well.
Certificates may issue to black belt practitioners with a combination of martial arts degree. For example, a person with Second (2nd) degree black belts in both Taekwondo and Judo would be as eligible for a Master Certification as would a person with a Fourth (4th) degree black belt in a single martial art.

To qualify for the 
Instructor Certification you must be at a level of First (1st) through Third (3rd) degree black belts in any accredited martial arts.
Fourth (4th) degree black belts and above is eligible for
Master Certification.

           Certification is an important element in any profession. Give your students the assurance of quality they deserve. Join the World Hosin-Hapkido Federation to bring the same integrity to your Self-Defense Instruction as your martial arts organization bring to your Martial Arts Instruction.

The Federation welcome to other martial arts to apply for Instructor and Master certification, and black belt rank in Hosin-Hapkido (Art of Self-Defense).

The Certification Awards Program of the World Hosin-Hapkido Federation, membership will include the following benefits:

1.                    You will be certified as an Instructor or Master of the Art of Self-Defense. These credentials will obviously allow you to further develop as a professional practitioner.

2.                   You also be evaluated by the Board of Certification Program for Hosin-Hapkido (Art of Self-Defense) Black Belt Rank separately to get a Black Belt Certification if you desire .

3.                    As a member of this organization, you will receive professional advice, assistance, and technical information when needed.

4.                    The USMAI, along with the Federation, will provide rank promotion in Hosin-Hapkido, Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Judo assistance when needed.

5.                    If you are a member of a certain organization and wish to transfer your rank to an internationally recognized organization, USMAI, along with the Federation, will act as an agent in this matter.

6.                    You will receive a Certified Instructor or Master Certificate in Hosin-Hapkido and WHHF patch.

7.                 Once you became a member of WHHF, your name and rank will be posted on
our website (Instructors section) to recongnize by martial artists in the world.


For more details write or e-mail to us:

U.S. Martial Arts Institute
8524 Burnet Rd. #1226
Austin, Texas 78757 USA

e-mail: usmai@aol.com

                               - Self-Defense -

Talk if you will,

Walk away if you can,

Run if you must, but

When all else fails,

Protect yourself

by  Dr. Daeshik Kim

The Founder, Honorary President




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