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DATE : 17-08-22 06:15
Taekwondo makes you tall
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Taekwondo makes you tall
by Ryu Byung-gwan, Professor of Yongin University

"Does Taekwondo not make me tall?" Maybe this question would be the most puzzle one to all Taekwondo masters. But it is groundless as if seeing only a tree in the forest.

Considering Taekwondo is a weight sport and comparatively there are much more low weight athletes in Korea including Asia, the nonsense is just general expectations to be seen much taller.

Especially, before Taekwondo being developed technically like now, it was recognized that a nimble man with low weight and height has an advantage of playing Taekwondo because he can move his body quite freely. Therefore, in opposition, the recognition was just regarded that Taekwondo does not make you tall.

For instance, in wild animals, height is a symbol of power to dominate opponents. To display his power, animals make their body much more bigger than others. So human is also an animal in this planet, it is natural to have a great desire for long height.

Anthropologically, human's height is growing. Scholars presumed that Goliath described as a huge giant in the Bible was 180cm in height. But, considering 180cm is a general height in these days, we can guess that people’s height in that period was so small relatively.

Human's height has close relations with natural environment and it is affected by the environmental factor more than biological one. And apparently, affected by the two factors. The one is genetic and the other one is natural environment. As an genetic example, the Masai is over 180cm in height while the Pygmy is only 135cm in Africa.

We can't handle the genetic factor by postnatal methods because we can't change our parents. So we may regard the wrong idea that "Taekwondo does not make you tall" as a hope that we want to be tall by training Taekwondo.

As I described above, Taekwondo is a sport to strengthen the peripheral nervous system and helps to develop skeletal muscles. Therefore, Taekwondo athletes look much more slender than Judo athletes because their bone structure are different each other.

However, most important thing is hormone. Growth hormone makes a role in growing someone's height. Except genetic factor, the growth hormone is a major key to grow man by 20 years old and woman by 18 years old.

In conclusion, Taekwondo training increases growth hormone which makes you tall.